Tamiluz | Quality systems for adjustable shutters, louvers, shutters and airfoil sunshades

Tamiluz | Quality systems for adjustable shutters, louvers, shutters and airfoil sunshades

Top quality materials for manufacturing adjustable shutter, louver, shutter and louver systems. High quality adjustable shutters, louvers, adjustable louvres, shutters
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Our Quality
Tamiluz has the objective of excellence in quality in the systems we manufacture. Thus we pay special attention to all our production processes for our adjustable shutter, louver, adjustable louvre, brise soleil, louver systems...
We select the best materials in manufacturing our adjustable and fixed blades as a key consideration in our production process.
The design and production of all the components in our solar shading systems, as well as the manufacturing of our adjustable shutters, louvers, adjustable louvres, etc., are subject to strict quality control in accordance with the ISO-9001 quality standards.
The durability and strength of the finishes on our products is guaranteed through lacquering and anodising processes certified by European quality seals.
Our commitment to quality means we are able to provide lasting systems, conferring energy saving where they are fitted and in the production process.
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Extruded aluminium profiles featuring UNE AW-6063 (T5) or UNE AW-6060 (T5) alloys complying with UNE-EN 755-2 & UNE-EN 573-3 quality standards.
Aluminium accessories made from UNE AW-5754 alloy
Injected aluminium guides.
Aluminium finishes.
All colours on the RAL chart are available in matt or gloss finishes, and the future chart for lacquers. All profiles are lacquered in accordance with the directives established in the European Qualicoat seal.
Anodising is possible in a wide variety of shades to a standard thickness of 15 microns (optional 20 microns) and the process is implemented in accordance with the European Qualanod seal.

We usually work with Douglas Fir and Pacific Red Cedar. Larch is also possible, as is Robinia, Chestnut and heat treated pine. We obtain our wood from controlled forestry plantations.
Other wood may be used in accordance with special requirements, avoiding the use of tropical or exotic trees.
Wood finishes
Wood may be delivered with an open-pore, colourless finish with one or two coats with intermediate sanding, if specifically requested.

These are flat boards, produced from thermo-hardened resins, uniformly reinforced with wood fibre and manufactured at high pressure..
The boards have an integrated decorative surface and are extremely resistant to the outdoors. Solid, long-lasting material.
HPL finishes
HPL boards are available in a wide variety of colours, effects and textures, depending on the manufacturer.

Nylon accessories
Manufactured from Polyamide 6 (PA6) with additives to protect against UV rays. This material has the following main properties: working temperature between -40ºC + 90ºC, high mechanical strength, good resistance to fatigue, excellent resistance to wear and tear and is self-extinguishing.
Aluminium profile finishes in extruded aluminium
Open-pore lasur wood finishes
HPL panel finishes colour and texture range
Manufacturer of louvers, adjustable shutters, adjustable louvres, brise soleil, shutters
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