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Adjustable brise soleil with wooden blades

Embark on a journey of refined aesthetics and functional innovation with Adjustable Brise Soleil featuring Wooden Blades. These thoughtfully designed installations redefine the interplay of light, shade, and architectural charm, seamlessly integrating into any building's façade. Crafted from exquisite wood, their timeless allure brings warmth and sophistication to both modern and traditional exteriors. The adjustable blade feature empowers you to effortlessly control sunlight, allowing you to curate a serene ambiance while managing solar heat gain. Immerse yourself in a world where craftsmanship meets adaptability with Adjustable Brise Soleil featuring Wooden Blades, offering a unique blend of visual elegance and sun control that elevates both form and function.


Brise soleil and airfoil sunshade system with adjustable natural wood blades
Adjustable natural wood blades, in rectangular, opaque and translucent formats.
This brise soleil and airfoil sunshade system combines the natural wood of the blades with
the adjustment components: transom profiles, aluminium grab bar and stainless steel pivoting accessories.
stainless steel pivoting accessories.
Blades can be made from different types of wood: Red cedar, Douglas Fir, Larch, 
Chestnut and Heat treated Pine.
The blades on these screen louvres can be made from solid wood or from laminated pieces
and with "fingerjoint" joints.

System specifications

Red cedar, Douglas Fir, Larch, Chestnut and Heat treated Pine wooden blades.
Extruded aluminium transoms. 6063-T5 alloy
Extruded aluminium operating handle. 6063-T5 alloy
Aluminium plugs
Stainless steel pivoting axes, with PA6 polyamide accessories
Manual, mechanical or motorised operation
Opaque and translucent blades
Horizontal or vertical blades


Opaque from 200mm to 400mm
Translucent 250mm, 320mm and 400mm


Brise soleil
Screen louvres
Airfoil sunshades
Canopies and pergolas


Natural wood (class N)
Lasur die 1 coat (class A)
Lasur die 2 coats + sand (class A+)

Transoms and accessories

RAL chart lacquer (gloss or matt) or textured. Qualicoat seal
Anodised. Qualanod seal
Adjustable aluminium blade adjustable shutters
Manufacturer of adjustable aluminium blade Adjustable Shutters
Adjustable aluminium blade adjustable shutters
Adjustable blade aluminium adjustable shutters
Aluminium adjustable blade adjustable shutters
manufacturing of adjustable aluminium blade adjustable shutters
Manufacturer of adjustable aluminium blade adjustable shutters

Manufacturing of wooden brise soleil with adjustable blades.

The Tamiluz adjustable natural wooden blade brise soleil and airfoil sunshade system combines the warmth of wood with the technology of aluminium.
It is the ideal solution for high-performing, bio-climatic, screen louvres conferring a high degree of aesthetic quality because of its regular shapes and the possibility of adjustable blades with the laminated system.
The wood we use is of high quality and can be selected from among several varieties and finishes, in order to achieve an avant-garde, movable airfoil sunshade system.
The possibility of opaque and translucent adjustable blades confers a degree of special design, enabling us to toy with the transparency of the brise soleil.


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