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Opaque shutters

Introducing the embodiment of privacy and design ingenuity: Opaque Shutters. These versatile window coverings offer a seamless blend of functionality and aesthetics, ensuring an elegant solution for light control and privacy needs. The opaque design, available in an array of materials and finishes, allows you to create a serene sanctuary in any room. With the ability to effortlessly adjust the level of natural light while maintaining complete privacy, these shutters redefine the ambiance of your living spaces. Elevate your interior with the contemporary sophistication and versatile charm of Opaque Shutters, where style meets the essence of undisturbed comfort.


Shutters made from blind laminar materials in different materials and finishes
comprising shutter components.
Shutters can be made from aluminium sheet, aluminium composite, zinc, high pressure laminate panels and copper.
The fixing system permits sliding panel shutters, folding panel shutters, openable shutters and
the innovative shutter system with hidden guides.

System specifications

Extruded aluminium frame. 6063-T5 alloy
Blind panels made from:
- Aluminium sheet
- Aluminium composite
- Zinc
- Copper
Special fixings and guides for all construction solutions.


Depending on the material chosen, smooth or textured surfaces can be made.


Sliding panel shutters
Folding panel shutters
Openable panel shutters
Foldable panel shutters
Sliding panel shutters
Folding panel shutters
Foldable panel shutters


Depending on material chosen


RAL chart lacquer (gloss or matt) or textured. Qualicoat seal
Anodised. Qualanod seal
fixed system construction solutions


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sliding systems construction solutions


folding system construction solutions


design system constructive solutions


foldable system constructive solutions


Adjustable aluminium blade adjustable shutters
Manufacturer of adjustable aluminium blade Adjustable Shutters
Adjustable aluminium blade adjustable shutters
Adjustable blade aluminium adjustable shutters
Aluminium adjustable blade adjustable shutters
manufacturing of adjustable aluminium blade adjustable shutters
Manufacturer of adjustable aluminium blade adjustable shutters

Manufacturing of opaque shutters

The shutter system, with blind panels, is the ideal solution for opaque window enclosures where the use of different materials, colours and textures can be combined.
Tamiluz shutters have an array of high quality fixings that enable multipleconstruction solutions: sliding panel, folding panel, foldable panel, openable panel...
The new shutter system with hidden guide stands out because it achieves fixings that are integrated in the façade as a whole.


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