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Fixed aluminium blade louvers

Experience the epitome of sleek design and architectural finesse with Fixed Aluminium Blade Louvers. These meticulously crafted louvers redefine the dynamics of light and space, effortlessly infusing modernity into any setting. Constructed from high-quality aluminium, their sturdiness and contemporary charm make them a statement piece for both interior and exterior applications. The fixed blade configuration offers a sense of structured elegance while allowing for effective ventilation and light control. Immerse yourself in an atmosphere of refined aesthetics and functional sophistication with Fixed Aluminium Blade Louvers, where innovation converges with timeless style.


Fixed extruded aluminium blade louver and louver system
Multiple formats of fixed blades, with tubular blades or simple flat blades.
The distance between blades in this louver system can be personalised depending on the project.
Fixed blades can be used as louvres by assembling them in
a hidden frame system.

System specifications

Extruded aluminium blades. 6063-T5 alloy
Extruded aluminium louver frame. 6063-T5 alloy
Variable distance between fixed blades
Continuous fixed blades with hidden frame
Framed fixed blades


Over 30 different fixed aluminium blade models to adapt to a wide range of
louver, louver and louvre solutions.


Louvers and louvers
Sliding panel louvers
Fixed blade shutters
Enclosures for equipment and machinery
Canopies and pergolas
Ventilation grilles


RAL chart lacquer (gloss or matt) or textured. Qualicoat seal
Anodised. Qualanod seal
fixed system construction solutions


louvres, shutters, louvres, sunshades, shutters, brise soleil blinds, folding brise soleil blinds


sliding systems construction solutions


folding system construction solutions


design system constructive solutions


foldable system constructive solutions


Adjustable aluminium blade adjustable shutters
Manufacturer of adjustable aluminium blade Adjustable Shutters
Adjustable aluminium blade adjustable shutters
Fixed Aluminium Blade Louvers
Fixed Aluminium Blade Louvers
Fixed Aluminium Blade Louvers
Fixed Aluminium Blade Louvers
Fixed Aluminium Blade Louvers
Fixed Aluminium Blade Louvers

Manufacturing of fixed aluminium blade shutters

The Tamiluz range of fixed aluminium blade louvers provides a wide range of formats and solutions for shutter, louver, louvre systems. The possibility of personalising the distance between blades means different transparency and opacity effects can be achieved with solar shading or louvres.
Some designs are particularly recommended for louver and natural ventilation grille solutions.


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