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Adjustable hpl blade shutters

Introducing the pinnacle of design and practicality: Adjustable HPL Blade Shutters. Engineered to seamlessly blend contemporary aesthetics with functional excellence, these shutters redefine interior spaces. Crafted with High-Pressure Laminate, they exude durability and style, making a bold statement in any room. The adjustable blade feature empowers you to effortlessly manage light, airflow, and privacy according to your preferences. From creating a serene, softly lit haven to embracing panoramic views, these shutters put you in control of your environment. Elevate your living spaces with the modern elegance and adaptability of Adjustable HPL Blade Shutters, where form harmoniously meets function.


Adjustable blade shutters made from high pressure laminate HPL with aluminium profile frame.
Movable and adjustable blades that can be adjusted to the required position manually, mechanically or motorised.
Modern shutters with great aesthetic value and adjustable blades made from high pressure laminate HPL.
The possibility of adjusting the distance between blade axes means these adjustable blade adjustable shutters do not require compensating blades.

System specifications

Adjustable panel blades made from high pressure laminate HPL.
Extruded aluminium adjustable shutter frame. 6063-T5 alloy.
Manually operated movable blades.
Optional. Adjustable blades via mechanical or motorised action.
Variable distance between blade axes
Pivoting accessories made from aluminium and stainless steel axes.
Horizontal or vertical adjustable blades.


3 adjustable blade models 115mm, 145mm and 200mm


Adjustable shutters
Adjustable blade facings
Adjustable blade shutters
Sliding panel, folding panel, foldable panel shutters…


Plain colours, imitation wood or textured.


RAL chart lacquer (gloss or matt) or textured. Qualicoat seal
Anodised. Qualanod seal
Adjustable aluminium blade adjustable shutters
Manufacturer of adjustable aluminium blade Adjustable Shutters
Adjustable aluminium blade adjustable shutters
adjustable HPL blade shutters
adjustable HPL blade shutters
manufacturing of adjustable aluminium blade adjustable shutters
adjustable HPL blade shutters

Manufacturing of adjustable HPL blade shutters

Tamiluz adjustable HPL blade shutters stand out because of the perfect combination between 2 long-lasting, stable materials: high pressure laminate (HPL) panels and aluminium. They provide high solar shading performance. The wide range of colours for HPL panels, resistance to the outdoors of the material and its hardness, mean the adjustable blades do not require any maintenance.
This type of modern adjustable shutters can be fitted with fixed frames, sliding panels, foldable panels, raising panels.
Tamiluz movable HPL blade adjustable shutters are made only from the best HPL panels on the market, upon request by clients.


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