Incelsa Tamiluz / News and information about the company, events, trade fairs, news

Incelsa Tamiluz / News and information about the company, events, trade fairs, news

News highlights about the company Incelsa Tamiluz regarding events, solar shading products, louvers, brise soleil and adjustable shutters.
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Incelsa Tamiluz ® consolidates its international expansion

through new exclusive distributors in Belgium, Switzerland,

Israel and Brazil.

Incelsa TAMILUZ ® has established several commercial agreements for
exclusive distribution of its products in Belgium, Switzerland, Israel and
Brazil. Through this initiative the company has reiterated its commitment
to gradual international expansion.
tamiluz expansión belgica, suiza, israel, brasil
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Presence of Tamiluz ® products in Archiexpo, the on-line

architecture and design portal.

The company Incelsa TAMILUZ ® is pleased to announce the opening of
a permanent stand in the prestigious virtual exhibition hall for
architecture and design ARCHIEXPO.
Professionals from all over the world will be able to gain access to
complete information about TAMILUZ ® products and services and the
novelties in adjustable shutter and louver systems, brise soleil and
sunbreakers for façades.
Visit the stand at:
archiexpo tamiluz

Participation at the "Carthage 2014" trade fair

Professionnel de la Construction et du Bâtiment -  (Tunisia).

The company Incelsa TAMILUZ ® participated in the stand of a dynamic
Tunisian company, exhibiting several of its most outstanding products
such as adjustable blade brise soleil, aluminium blade sliding panel
and folding panel adjustable shutters, etc., at the Professional
Construction Trade Fair that was held in Tunis from the 21st to 25th May,
The TAMILUZ ® solar shading system for façades are already available
in Tunisia through the company Lajnef Maisons Bois, www.lajnef-  which will be responsible for marketing and
installing the products.

Incelsa Tamiluz takes part in the "Solar Decathlon Europe

2014" international competition (Versailles, France)

Incelsa TAMILUZ ® takes part in this event once again, after teaming up
in the "Solar Decathlon Europe 2010" edition held in Madrid.
Solar Decathlon Europe is an international competition held between
universities to promote research in the development of efficient housing.
The goal of the participating teams is to design and construct houses
that use the least possible amount of natural resources, and produce
minimum waste during their life cycles. Special emphasis is placed on
reducing energy consumption and obtaining all necessary energy from
the sun. The general public can appreciate the real possibilities of
reducing environmental impact whilst maintaining levels of comfort and
quality in the design of their homes.
All the teams are supported by one or several universities, and have
financial and technical support from institutions and businesses.
The project that Incelsa TAMILUZ ® is taking part in can be seen by
visiting the following website:
Tamiluz en Solar decathlon europe 2014


The company Incelsa TAMILUZ ® invites all its clients, partners and
interested parties to view the latest trends in solar shading for façades in
its new corporate profile in the social media.
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