Tamiluz | News and information about louvers, adjustable shutters, materials, events

Tamiluz | News and information about louvers, adjustable shutters, materials, events

News highlights for Tamiluz about events, solar shading products, louvers, brise soleil and adjustable shutters. Current news about blade systems
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Incelsa-Tamiluz took part at the 16th International Construction trade fair
BATIMATEC 2013 held in Algiers (Algeria)
from May 4th to 8th 2013.
Our brise soleil and adjustable shutter systems were exhibited at
the stand of our partner in Algeria, the company Tecalum Algerie.
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Tamiluz commissions the environmental consultancy company

Marcel-Gomez with an Energy Efficiency Study.

We present a study commissioned by Industrial de Celosias, S.A.  to an
external consultant about the benefits of fitting Tamiluz solar shading
systems on façades in order to  prove, by means of reliable data, that the
use of adjustable shutter, sunscreen,louver or brise soleil systems has
a positive effect on energy saving  in buildings.
We believe that it is of great interest to professionals in the sector as well
as  end users to have specific data upon which to base their decisions
about the use of solar shading systems.
We believe that creating comfortable, healthy and efficient areas is of
primary importance for future generations and for the care of our
environment. Download documentTamiluz was present at the
International Construction Trade Fair. Download documents
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New update of our general catalog.

You can now view our new catalog with the latest
updates of our products. View catalog. View catalog
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Tamiluz exhibits at BATIMAT 2013 in Paris.

The company Incelsa-Tamiluz, was at the BATIMAT 2013 trade fair in
Paris between November 4th and 8th to present its most recent
innovations for architectural solar shading at its stand.
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