Tamiluz | News on louvers, blades, adjustable shutters and shutters

Tamiluz | News on louvers, blades, adjustable shutters and shutters

News highlights for Tamiluz about louvers, brise soleil and adjustable shutters. Current news about adjustable blade systems, louvers and brise soleil.
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New Tamiluz website

Tamiluz welcomes you to its new website where we offer information
about our solar shading systems for façades and buildings, with more
examples and technical documents, all the necessary information for our
visitors to  get to know our products and contact us.
We hope this provides a good starting point for future relationships
between our new visitors and a more user-friendly website for all our
clients, distributors, subscribers and friends.
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Tamiluz exhibits at Paris EQUIP BAIE Trade Fair

Tamiluz exhibits at Paris EQUIP BAIE Trade Fair with solar shading
to shows its new solar shading products and models.

Barcelona Football Club once again places its trust in Tamiluz

Once again, Barcelona Football Club places its trust in Tamiluz to
install a solar shading system at its facilities.
This time it was a sunscreen enclosure and a pergola with  motorised
adjustable blades, brise soleil type with adjustable, extruded aluminium
blades for the main team's gymnasium area at the Joan Gamper training
This project, designed by the architect Juan Pablo Mitjans, was executed in
record time during the summer off-season period for the main team.
This work is an addition to the fixed blade canopy in the VIP boxes and the
adjustable blade adjustable shutters in the Camp Nou offices and is the
third project by Tamiluz at Barcelona Football Club's facilities.

Virtual stand for Latin America in Vidrio Perfil

Tamiluz opens a virtual stand to exhibit the latest trends in sunscreens, airfoil sunshades,
louvers and adjustable shutters on the prestigious website of Vidrio Perfil Latinoamerica, in order to gain access
to the Latin American public.
This way, anyone interested in distributing our adjustable shutters and sun shading systems
can take a look at our wide range of solutions.
Visit the stand at:

New café at Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum in Madrid

In August 2012, installation of the motorised adjustable blade pergola
system was completed at the new café at Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum
in Madrid.
This project, by the architects BOOPBA Arquitectes, was a design and
development challenge owing to the curved shapes and different slopes
of the pergola blades.
Tamiluz also committed to executing the work in record time so as not to
interfere with normal operations of the museum.
The final result is an attractive area where the different pergolas featuring
motorised adjustable blades, make for a pleasant environment for
museum visitors.
Catálogo general tamiluz

New Tamiluz Catalog

We now have our new catalog of solar shading products such as
louvers, adjustable louvres, adjustable shutters, shutters, brise soleil,
You may request a printed catalog by filling in the form in contact or by
interactively viewing it on-line  View catalog. at this digital version can be
downloaded and you can search the catalog by product reference
numbers, share it with social media, print  pages, zoom in to see the
details, etc.

Launch of the shutter range

The use of folding panel and sliding panel shutters in today's
architecture is on the rise. Particularly with those products for which
laminar, opaque or translucent materials can be applied, such as
expanded metal - deployee- perforated metal, composite panels,
or high pressure laminated products.
Therefore, Tamiluz has launched a number of shutters specially
designed for these applications, with all the  fixing and profile systems
necessary, where it is possible to use a wide range of materials and

New Tamiluz website for professionals

Tamiluz Incelsa launches a new website specifically for professionals
working in the industry who require direct contact with manufacturers of
louvers, adjustable shutters and adjustable louvres. This website
provides direct access to the solar shading and adjustable shutter
product ranges offered by Incelsa Tamiluz.
Visit our website for professionals: www.tamiluz.info